Welcome To The Light Beings Ministry

The Light Beings Community is a communal society united in the choice to live in uncompromising truth, thrive in unconditional love, and actualize more of our unlimited creative potential as a collective.

In this united resonance, we offer alignment, support, encouragement, guidance, and accountability along the inspired path of love and self-mastery.


Community Appreciation

"The Light Beings Community has utterly changed the entire way I walk and behave as a man, in such a humble and balanced way. Beginning to understand my emotions was the missing key to my life and the LBC taught me just that. Kevin has outstanding character and ethics, and a great understanding of Self. The information and insight he provides is profound and has the ability to uplift any living being in this world. Thank you Light Beings, I will be one for the rest of my life."

Carlos Zabarain

"The Light Beings Community is much more than a community of similar-minded souls. It's a sacred space to deprogram and reprogram yourself in freedom, truth, and authentic connections. To rediscover who you are, who you were told you were, and who you choose to be."

Loni Duck

"The Light Beings Community is a group of radiant souls that are there for each other. It's a place where you can go and be yourself, explore, learn, and heal. This community has changed my life as I have grown to understand that we are all in this together, and what that truly means. We all experience our different emotions, sometimes think we are not accepted, or loved, or even enough, and this is the place where you can go to seek understanding, support, love, encouragement, to know that we are, and always have been, enough."

Laz Mendez

"One of the most appealing things about the Light Beings Community is its ability to fulfill its members changing and individualized needs. Whether you are seeking self-help to overcome a personal challenge or good vibes to maintain an already balanced mind-body-soul synergy, the gatherings consistently manage to leave everyone feeling as though they were specifically tailored to them. It's an opportunity to grow both intra- and inter-personally in a nonjudgmental space while having the concepts of meditation and mindfulness concreted in an understandable way."

Brittany Brooks

"Through these teachings and meditations, I have been able to become more aware of what I am capable of as an individual human being. I have been learning to live without fear of failure or judgment and to live in the present moment. I now have a different perspective on what life is about and I am filled with gratitude, love, positivity, and peace. I have met so many beautiful people in the Light Beings Community that are so accepting and share so many similarities with me. I can honestly say that I have never felt as happy as I am today. Thank you."

Jessina Valle

"I've always been a firm believer in surrounding yourself with positive people. Those who are confident, altruistic, and mindful. Not only do I consider Kevin to be a truly good friend, I consider him a major role model who possesses these wonderful attributes! What I enjoy the most about being a part of the Light Beings is that I have a home, a family, and a place where I can be myself. These gatherings always remind me to step into a place of greater consciousness, understanding, and appreciation for who I am and where I am along my life journey. Being able to connect with others who are facing challenges just like you are and realizing you're not alone really makes this a HUGE support system."

Seth Gordon

Community Vibes

Remember Who You Are: Divine, Masterful, Infinite.


Be The Light

I am a powerful radiant light that shines upon the world, limitless as absolute love. I possess all vitality inspiration and source wisdom that is infinite.

Own Thy Power

I create my reality as I will it to be, harmoniously with the will of Source. In gratitude and integrity, I am successful at all things and all things I possess that prove it so.

Live With Purpose

I am infinitely open and infinitely supported, always giving and always receiving. I always have what is necessary to serve my purpose and my purpose always succeeds.

Keep Expanding

I create my experiences to remember, to reclaim, to restore, to rise, to rejoice. For I am more than the stories I tell myself and worthy of all the splendor of my greatness.

Be The Love

I am the witness beyond the story, the love that was before, and the love that remains long after.

Explore The 5 Life Vibes

The 5 Life Vibes represent the categorical foundation of reference for a comprehensive life experience. Each category is a vibratory area of awareness in which to navigate and manifest. Utilize this foundation of reference as an appropriate framework to support the capacity of a clear sense of direction while identifying the quality of standard currently lived.

Hover over Icons to explore the 5 Life Vibes


Spiritual Vibe

Capacity Of Presence & Depth Of Connection

(Ex. Personal Foundation, Core Belief System, Reality Framework)

The Spiritual Vibe represents the foundation of everything we do and experience in our lives. It dictates the structure of our beliefs, the nature of our choices, and how we navigate everything.


Personal Vibe

Inner & Outer Health & Fluidity

(Ex. Mental, Physical, Emotional, Environment, Mobility, Development Process)

The Personal Vibe represents the nature of our own sovereignty and individuality in our inner world and the immediate world around us, revealing the quality of standard it encompasses.


Professional Vibe

Structured Dedication Of Interactive Involvement

(Ex. Career, Occupation, Service, Organization, Leadership)

The Professional Vibe represents the way we show up, interact, and contribute to the world at large. It is what we devote our attention and energy toward beyond our own individuality.




Relationship Vibe

The Associated State Of Connection Between Identifiable Sources

(Ex: Self, Family, Romance, Friendship, Partnership, Acquaintance, Public, Nature)

The Relationship Vibe represents the dynamic of every shared experience within our reality beginning with ourselves, then extending outward in every possible form of consciousness.


Resource Vibe

Necessary Provisions For Effective Operation

(Ex: Finances, Assets, Energy, Support Systems, Information)

The Resource Vibe represents the essential elements that supply the reality creation of life experience with all the appropriate means to function properly, at whichever capacity is desired.

The Principles

  1. 01. Know Thy Self

  2. 02. Own Thy Power

  3. 03. Live From The Heart

  4. 04. Honor The Connection

  5. 05. Live Intentionally

  6. 06. Listen To The Body

  7. 07. Follow The Intuition

  8. 08. Take Ownership And Responsibility

  9. 09. Internal Cause, External Effects

  10. 10. Be Driven By Unconditional Love

The Core Values

  1. 01. Honesty

  2. 02. Integrity

  3. 03. Precision

  4. 04. Authenticity

  5. 05. Accountability

  6. 06. Responsiveness

  7. 07. Growth

  8. 08. Generosity

  9. 09. Gratitude

  10. 10. Compassion

  11. 11. Resilience

  12. 12. Purpose

Insights & Inspiration

A Shift In Consciousness Changes The Narrative

  For the last thousand years, and even further before that, we’ve played out a very specific game in human existence.  One that functioned from the idea of survival.  Everything was about making it to the next moment, the next day, acquiring what we could while protecting ourselves from outside forces that at any moment…


Everything Is A Spiritual Experience

  There is a vast misconception about the idea of everyday life and the spiritual path.  In several circles I often hear the concept that there is somehow a separation between being “spiritual” and living a life in “The Matrix” when referencing life choices that may somehow be disruptive to the path of enlightenment.  In…


Are You Ready To Take Command Of Your Life?

Creatorhood Initiate Training is the key.

This training program serves as a maturation process toward the greater awareness of the Infinite Self, devoted to proactively and sustainably establishing the foundation and framework of Creatorhood as the living practice and pathway toward Divine Embodiment.