Everything Is A Spiritual Experience


There is a vast misconception about the idea of everyday life and the spiritual path.  In several circles I often hear the concept that there is somehow a separation between being “spiritual” and living a life in “The Matrix” when referencing life choices that may somehow be disruptive to the path of enlightenment.  In truth, every single experience is a spiritual experience as spirit is what we are in consciousness.  All life and its colorful variations are the exploration of consciousness creatively expressing itself.  As all things derive from the exploration of spirit, spirit then pervades everything.  It is simply an exploration of limitation or expansion.  Anyone experiencing physical reality is in “The Matrix.”  It is a choice then, of how we choose to experience this system of exploration that makes the difference to a path of either more expanded awareness and greater self-realization, or distortion and greater self-avoidance.


There is no separation to any of it, and anything in our own awareness is an opportunity to expand into a greater version of ourselves that is of a broader viewpoint and energetic resonance.  There is no path of enlightenment that aligns with the concept of a spiritual identity.  There is only spirit exploring ALL IDEAS OF IDENTITY, each offering some degree of reflected insight.  Let go of the idea of obligation and rigidity of the “spiritual path” and continue to discover how to navigate the will of source through the guidance of intuition through the heart.   The more we make choices to take responsibility of our lives, feelings, well-being and experiences, the more we align with our Natural State and choose to create a path of deliberate intention.  We are all in this together, and all paths lead to the same restorative place.  The more limitation is transcended the less the concept of duality is necessary and thus do we then play the game bigger and more connected to spirit as a whole.

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Kevin Walton