Embrace your opportunity to embark on a extraordinary journey of Transformation, Evolution, and Self-Mastery that will activate the expansive depths of Awareness, Purpose, and Power in YOU!  

Establish a central foundation of Truth and Spiritual Fortitude.

Access the secrets to the structure of existence.

Access internal clarity for healthy living and growth.

Deliberately design the life of your choosing.

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Creatorhood is an immersive discipline, life path, and comprehensive spiritual practice dedicated to the access, utility, and sustainability of Divine Embodiment.  Structurally designed to guide, support, and remind us of our innate gift to create, this practice encourages our capacity to live from Love, abide by Truth, in a more deliberate fashion that meets our ability to live as an Embodied Conscious Creator. 

The discipline of this practice represents a steady and fluid process to both shift into and operate from Unity Consciousness, committing to the purpose of experiencing the actualization of our Full Authentic Expression of Self through our Unlimited Creative Potential.

Diligently applied with Presence & Focus, this practice reveals the necessary clarity of inward integration, with the ability to manifest the inspired interactivity of a Purposeful, Sacred, and Fully Liberated life.


As a discipline, Creatorhood is the path toward the conscious embodiment of actualizing the full and deliberate authentic expression of unlimited creative potential.


To live the practice of Creatorhood is to commit to creating from a conscious space of awareness, in both Deliberate and Authentic fashion.


To live in the integrity of the practice is to establish Truth as the standard reference point for the effective measure of accountability.

About Kevin Walton

Kevin Walton is a Transformation Specialist, Spiritual Guide, and Activational Speaker. He has led thousands of students and initiates from all over the world on a journey within to access the greater capacity of themselves. He has supported the process of improving productivity, relationship dynamics, overall health, inner wellness, and depth of spiritual connection through the facilitation of his practice known as "Creatorhood: The Art of Living From Truth”.

Kevin’s work begins with the premise that everyone is naturally masterful, miraculous, powerful, and loving, yet through very specific forms of conditioning, have chosen to live out limiting beliefs, conflicting identities, and distorted behavior patterns that have brought about clear misalignments with our natural state of being. His process is a journey to restore mental, physical, and emotional alignment within his students to support them living in their fullest authentic expression.

Though also a writer, successful working actor, artist, and entertainer, Kevin has dedicated his life to using his position in the contribution to developing a more unified and advanced society through enhancing greater self-awareness, inner clarity, emotional maturity, community development, and self-actualization in men, women, and children of all ages. ⁣

He is the founder of The Light Beings Ministry and a Leader and Pillar Facilitator in the Sacred Sons Men’s Movement. His practice and guidance have activated and supported thousands across the globe through private sessions, retreats, workshops, courses, seminars, and activational talks, all serving the inspiration to live more authentic, open-hearted, purposeful, and passionate through accessing the truth of everyone’s unlimited creative potential.


Initiate Testimonials


Gabriel Bertolo

I have been completely blown away by the Creatorhood Training. Kevin takes things that many of us have heard before, but he has created an entire system that lays it out in such a powerful and practical way that makes it easy to understand and implement into daily life. Kevin is such an inspirational and deep teacher. He is never boring, he adds humor and great stories to really help you understand the concepts. Already this course has helped me in more ways than I can count. I was stuck in a loop where I really felt I had so much internal work to do that it seemed so overwhelming. But after Kevin's training, I know that it is not anywhere near as hard to get to where I want to be as it seemed.  I cannot recommend the Creatorhood Training enough if you are looking to really live your life in an empowered way.


Mitsou Handal

It is difficult for me to articulate Kevin’s approach and style as everything blends seamlessly together! Kevin is extremely compassionate, knowledgeable, non-judgmental but also very direct and genuine. He is an excellent listener. Kevin uses very precise language to help you create shifts in your thoughts, beliefs, feelings—to help you see that one’s fears are only showing you where you need to go rather than something you need to run from. Kevin combines a variety of tools such as breathing, meditation, powerful coaching sequences/exercises designed to get you to live out the most authentic and empowered version of yourself.

Susan O'Brien

Susan O'Brien

It was the most amazing experience I have ever had.  I wish I could get a refund on all my therapy and self-help books and give all that money to this empowerment training.


Bret Warshawsky

I've been around teachers, coaches, gurus, and leaders of all kinds and they are all wonderful in their own ways. Kevin is one of the most effective and lovely transformational leaders I have witnessed.  In a short time, he helped me personally with my journey as well as working with my wife and I as a couple. Everyone in our project felt similar. Kevin has mad skills and is devoted to assisting people in becoming their greatest selves. He is absolutely one of the most passionate people I have ever met and that's not hyperbole. If I could retain his services for life, I'd sign the contract yesterday.


Leslie Rico

He has a grasp on what holds us back and has the purity of heart to speak freely and say what we need to hear, of life, and ourselves. What was most impressive, is his complete and total commitment to the people. It was all about us, and that’s a difficult feat to accomplish. But that is what I have seen and felt from Kevin: genuine concern and love. He is a natural leader, and, thankfully, one who wishes to liberate from falsehoods our brothers and sisters, and inspire everyone to be great. He is determined to help others, and is succeeding gracefully.


Michele “Michagni Kripa” Ashley

"This program works because it provides me an opportunity to be intentional with what I'm choosing to create in my life.  In the short time I've been deliberate in doing this work, I have noticed a shift within myself that supports a greater sense of freedom and validation of the truth that lives within me.  It's an amazingly powerful system that really allows full integration of the whole self on a multidimensional level. I've never come across a system like this before and I've engaged in many courses over the past decade. I am in awe. Hands down, this sh*t is HOT!

I am grateful Kevin created this course and I truly appreciate his capacity/ability to look at every situation that arises in this journey with joy, no matter what.  Kevin is slaying this game of life with this leadership course and in his own life. And, I ain’t mad at him.”

You Are Supported For The Entire Class.

I want each and every student to truly understand this training in the deepest way. To truly embody the path of Creatorhood you must understand the teachings and the concepts so they can transform your life. We offer a range of support included in each course so that you can integrate this framework in a way that is best for you.

Live Videos & Unlimited Replays

The classes are live via Zoom once a week. It is a very interactive experience with exercises and partnered work. The videos are also available to you for unlimited replays during the span of the course. 

Weekly Support Calls

We set aside a few hours weekly in the afternoon for 20 minute, one on one calls with either Kevin or is assistant facilitators to ask any private questions that come up of if you are unable to make the Q and A call.


Once you are a part of the Creatorhood program you will have access to the amazing community of current and past participants. This provides you with a powerful support system to help you better understand the program and connections with people that can help you navigate the new life path. 

Weekly Group Q&A

Once a week we also offer a 1-hour QandA via Zoom. We do this a few days after the class so you have time to see what you need to be clarified from the previous week's class. These are offered as unlimited replays as well.

Creatorhood App

We have an app for the class to interact, discuss, share insights, and ask questions to help fully understand the classwork but also to offer each other support and community.


This training program serves as a maturation process toward the greater awareness of the Infinite Self.  Each class and weekly dedication commits the initiate to the devotion of proactively and sustainably establishing the strategic framework of Creatorhood as a spiritual foundation, personal discipline, and developmental pathway toward Divine Embodiment.

This comprehensive training program is offered to initiates through a sequence of three distinct phases...

Awakening The Conscious Creator

CIT Phase 1

Establishing the unwavering foundation of Empowered Being-ness.

Empowerment = Remembering our capacity to embody the Power we are.

Course Length - 8 Weeks (3 Hour Classes)

Open to anyone that hears the call

Standard Investment - $695

Embracing The Conscious Creator

CIT Phase 2

Increasing the capacity and flow of access to Connected Being-ness.

Connection = Honoring our bond to the Source of the Power we are.

Course Length - 6 Weeks (4 Hour Classes)

Must have completed Phase 1

Standard Investment - $795

Mastering Conscious Creatorhood

CIT Phase 3

Living in the expanded and sustainable awareness of Whole Being-ness.

Wholeness = Thriving from our inexhaustible resource of Source Power.

Course Length - 4 Weeks (5 Hour Classes)

Must have completed Phase 1 & 2

Standard Investment - $895



Next Portal Launch: Saturday Feb. 5th - Mar. 26th 2022

Awakening The Conscious Creator

In Creatorhood Training Phase 1 you will:

- Uncover secrets to the structure of existence.

- Realize the truth about how manifestation and the “Law of Attraction” actually works.

- Access the ability to embody a greater presence and focus.

- Align the essential energetic connection of body, mind, spirit.

- Access the ability to live in Emotional Mastery.

- Establish a clear awareness of sovereignty and greater standards.

- Access internal clarity for realignment and growth.

- Begin to deliberately design the life of your choosing.

- Develop a clear reference point to navigate everything from, literally.

Standard Investment: $695


Next Portal Launch: Sunday Feb. 20th - Mar. 27th 2022

Embracing The Conscious Creator

In Creatorhood Training Phase 2 you will:

- Enhance greater presence and focus.

- Embody greater levels of sustainable energy.

- Receive wisdom on Masculine/Feminine Energy with practical tools of application.

- Develop a more authentic relationship with yourself.

- Develop stronger and more authentic relationships with others.

- Identify the misalignments of energy and adjust them in real-time.

- Access greater wisdom and healthy functioning of the central energy centers.

- Develop the ability to channel and utilize energy in more purposeful ways.

Standard Investment: $795



First Portal Launch: Saturday Apr. 9th - Apr. 30th 2022

Mastering Conscious Creatorhood

In Creatorhood Training Phase 3 you will:

- Strengthen and Harmonize the essential body, mind, spirit complex framework.

- Embody a greater capacity of Unity Consciousness.

- Embody the standard of deliberate intent, enhanced focus, and decisive action.

- Operate with the System of Expansion in greater clarity and usability.

- Interact more seamlessly with Authentic Communication.

- Access key insights on the disruptions and restorations of peace

- Transmute energy in the body in real-time.

- Access deeper capacities of consciousness on call.

- Truly begin to live the embodiment of the work, sustainably.

Standard Investment: $895

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